Do you have a website that's about the Hortons and/or Bradys? Do you have a Days page that has the slightest hint of these two families? Then this webring is for you! Join now! Click here!

After filling out the submission form, all you have to do is copy and paste the HTML fragment below (get it from VIEW and then SOURCE, that should give you the whole HTML format of this screen. Then just copy and paste the particular HTML fragment you need, which starts with --Start HTML Fragment-- and ends with --End HTML Fragment--. If you still don't understand, e-mail me at and change the following information in the fragment:

_SITE_ID_HERE_ to whatever your Site ID is
Your_Name_Here to whatever name you put on the submission form
_SITE_OWNER_EMAIL_ to your own e-mail address

This Horton and Brady Ring site is owned by

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After entering the above html fragment AND changing all the necessary information to make it your own webring site, it shoud look something like this (just with YOUR information)...

This Horton and Brady Ring site is owned by

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Remember: I need to see that this webring is somewhere on your main or webring, or any of your other pages, before I can officially add you to the ring! You will receive an e-mail notifying your addition to the ring! Thanx for joining! : )
Oh yeah, a WAY easier way to find the HTML Fragment is to go down...and log in after you've gotten your site ID and Password. It should bring you to an EDIT YOUR INFORMATION screen and at the bottom of the screen, the HTML Fragment is there!!! Then remember, you've gotta change whatever you need to change!!! : ) (if you still have any problems, feel free to e-mail me)

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